Why do Plants matter?

Glad you asked. When landscaping your yard it’s wise to have a landscaper that knows plants. Certain plants attract bugs and insects, which can become a pest if you’re trying to relax outside. Other plants may attract butterflies, which some people would enjoy. There are plants that may need more space underground depending on how their roots grow. Others need more space above the ground depending if they grow up or spread out. When planting colorful flowers, color matters. Some colors go great together while others can be too much. The watering needs of plants also matter. Some plants need more water than others. The amount of sunshine can also determine which plants are planted out in the open yard or hidden by a taller plant or tree.

As you can see, landscaping a yard is no easy task. There are several things to consider when choosing your plants. That’s where a professional landscaper comes in. Be sure to ask these questions to your landscape designer to see if they know their plants!